Passenger Claims Management for Airlines

Simplify your claims handling through the use of a digital and time-saving solution and reduce your processing costs by up to 50 per cent.

Simplicity, acceleration and cost reduction.

Increase speed and save costs by implementing as an efficient claims handling tool.

Simple way to create and handle claims

Reduce the time you spend searching in lists and comparing information. With a process which is straight forward, adding flights and claims that are clearly displayed, working has never been easier.

Transparency and control via excellent analytics

Establish a reporting system tailor-made to your and your CFO's needs. You will have the insights mailed to your inbox. Schedule your reports and have justclaims deliver them to you on a regular basis to stay ahead of your competitors.

Cost reduction via automation

By streamlining your claims handling and decision making process, you save time, money and aggravation. You offer your passengers monetary compensation, miles and/or vouchers and conclude settlement agreements online. The creation of matters and cases is intuitive and self-explanatory.

Payment services

Real time is the minimum. To meet customer expectation swift payment is key. Payments to passengers can include cash, voucher and miles or a combination of those payout options – tailor made to your and your customers’ needs.

When push comes to shove: see you in court!

If you have no desire to compensate unjustified claims, you will have to defend your case in court. Representation by highly specialized aviation attorneys who are familiar with local particularities will be essential. You can choose from a list of firms if you are new to a certain jurisdiction or rely on your firm of choice that you have been using for years.

What clients say about us

We are only using for a few weeks now and were already able to significantly reduce our lead time when it comes to handling our passenger claims.

Inga Meyer
Business Transformation (Project Lead)

CHS met the challenging deadline, went live in time and performs as promised. The team and management work truly agile, adapt quickly and communicate openly - all critical factors affecting success.

Armin Puch
Head Digital Customer Platforms
Process & IT Central Region


Who is justclaims? was founded by a team of aviation attorneys in order to offer airline clients an easy and encompassing tool for their claims handling. With the number of air passenger claims skyrocketing, claim agencies gaining the upper hand and IATA forecasting the doubling of passenger demand within the next 20 years, the time-consuming handling of endless spreadsheets or clunky CRM systems will have no future.

justclaims provides a digital end-to-end alternative to save time and to lower costs. With a high degree of automation, efficient internal and external communication, payment solutions, detailed analytics and reporting as well as an e-billing function, the claims handling process can be centralized and significantly simplified.

The platform enables airlines to improve response times to passengers, enhance quality, balance out fluctuations and thus promote customer loyalty. A network of highly specialized aviation law firms supports the process or defends your interest in court – when and where necessary.

justclaims’ users are able to track fees, monitor legal spending, reduce overhead and stay competitive. Take us to the test and join us.

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